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      2. Responsibility
        Home Responsibility
        Star Energy regularly organizes team building activities for employees, including arranging employees to go on outings and participate in various recreational activities, to enrich their spare time.
        Year-end Party
        The StarDay Year-end Party is an important festival for Star Energy’s staff. On this day, our staff gather together to taste wine and delicious food, snatch red envelopes, and enjoy artistic performances from the bases.
        Star Energy
        "When one is in need, the group will lend a hand." The Star Energy family gather a group of caring people, who are like stars that can come together into light, warming those in need.
        “Extend your respect for your aged parents to all the aged,
        and extend your love for your own children to all children.”
        For a long time, Star Energy’s staff have been caring for the vulnerable groups in society. Staying true to the original aspiration, Star Energy has assisted in the surgery for children with congenital heart disease, the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, the rehabilitation of blind elderly people, and the rehabilitation of elderly people suffering strokes.
        “Protect the earth and cherish this blue homeland.”
        It’s an important mission and responsibility of Star Energy to promote ecological progress. Star Energy’s staff have been practicing the concept of green development and sticking to the bottom line of ecology and environmental protection in production. After the establishment of Haijing Environmental, they intensify efforts to consciously fulfill their environmental responsibilities, and work actively on environmental pollution prevention and control, striving to build an environmentally friendly and resource-saving enterprise.
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