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      2. Business & Services
        Home Business & Services
        By establishing long-term cooperation or joint ventures with transportation investment companies, Star Energy is heavily involved in the construction of roads at all levels in more than ten provinces in China, and fully utilizes its technological advantages in the asphalt market to promote the research and production of high-grade and high-tech asphalt products such as modified, emulsified, and special asphalt, and works actively to develop the downstream application market.


        Diversified asphalt resources

        Well-established business strategies

        Sophisticated production process

        Optimized logistics costs


        Oil products
        Star Energy's Oil Products Division mainly deals in imported light cycle oil, imported fuel oil, imported diluted asphalt, and domestic diesel that meets China VI emission standard. With a tank capacity of over 240,000 cubic meters, the company sold 1.15 million tons of oil products in 2019 and 2 million tons in 2020, creating a total revenue of over RMB 7 billion.


        Domestic and international first-hand procured resources

        A tank capacity of 240,000 cubic meters

        Strong presence in East China & development
        of the eastern
        coastal market

        An annual revenue of over RMB 7 billion

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